Extremely quickly absorbed sun sprays with SPF 30
from your innovative cosmetics manufacturer from Germany.

9 different creations of "Invisible Mist" / "Invisible Mist"

  • Standard SPF 30 (SPF 10 to 50+ possible)
  • Different degrees of regreasing
  • Various caring effects
  • No preservation necessary
  • With perfume "watermelon", however other perfumes are possible according to customer requirements

Your contract manufacturer for cosmetics in Germany

However, the sun sprays differ in their moisturizing effect. Lotion 1 is the "driest" variant. Immediately after application, the lotion is no longer perceptible on the skin, although full sun protection is still available. Lotions 2 to 9 contain higher proportions of nourishing emollients and lead to "nourishing" (= regreasing) haptic impressions.

The recipe is designed so that no preservation is required. The patterns you have are perfumed with a watermelon scent; it is possible to add another perfume oil of your choice. It is also possible to formulate modified SPF (SPF 10 to SPF 50+).

Order your 9-piece sample set, each with 5ml, for a flat fee of € 50.00. You can then immediately select your immediately moving, invisible and highly effective sun spray and order it from a minimum quantity of 30kg. Further modifications and special services are possible at any time for a fee.



This cosmetic production is as always - 100% Made in Germany.

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