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Innovative 2-phase serums

Innovative 2-phase serums

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One of the big new trends in the cosmetics market are 2-phase products. With these products, the oil and water phases are no longer combined with an emulsifier, but instead are connected to one another through the mechanical process of shaking before use. We played a key role in shaping this type of product and delivered it to one of our customers in early 2016. Innovative cosmetics production is our trademark.

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The first delivery of 2-phase products took place in 2017. Now the popularity continues to increase, so that we would like to bring our customers and interested parties closer to this new product type.

The fact that the oil and water phases do not have to be connected to one another means that this type of product can dispense entirely with chemical emulsifiers. In addition, both water and oil-soluble active ingredients can be used in the different phases.

The colors can be adapted to the customer's requirements by using natural dyes.

Overall, these products are characterized by a very pleasant feeling on the skin. The visual effect of the color change due to the mechanical emulsification by the customer rounds off the positive care result.

Ampoules, pipette and injection bottles are particularly suitable as packaging.





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