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Completion of the NANOMAR project

Completion of the NANOMAR project

High tech research in cosmetics manufacturing

We are always looking for the latest active ingredients and technologies. For this reason, too, we took part in the NANOMAR cluster project. In this project, we have set ourselves the goal of producing a collagen wound dressing with micro and nanoparticles from marine organisms. This should promote wound healing, but also work against antibiotic-resistant germs.

This project has now been successfully completed with our partners.

Cosmetic research in Germany

Our cluster project with the Institute for Marine Biotechnology (affiliated institute of the University of Greifswald), the research institute for leather and plastic sheeting (affiliated to the Bergakademie Freiberg), Blue Biotech GmbH and Medical Biomaterial Products GmbH has now been successfully completed.



The title of the cluster project is: "NANOMAR - micro and nanoparticles from marine organisms (Maresome®) in collagen wound dressings to prevent the colonization of multidrug-resistant pathogens".

Within this network, we have set ourselves the goal of developing a stable, reusable formulation from the active ingredients of the algae and a suitable collagen for production on a laboratory and pilot plant scale.

This research project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Research for a period of 3 years. With its funding measure "KMU-innovativ", the Federal Ministry of Education and Research wants to support small and medium-sized companies in cutting-edge research in important areas of the future. With our collaborative project, we referred to the announcement "Innovative SMEs: Nanotechnology".

In times of overpopulation and the resulting scarcity of resources, the use of marine active substances offers an interesting approach, at least for the resulting partial problems.
The social debate also makes it difficult to use land on land for the cultivation of non-edible raw materials and thus prevent the traditional cultivation of food when, on the other hand, millions of people around the world suffer from hunger. Therefore, the approach of using the possibilities of the significantly larger area of ​​the sea for the cultivation of resources is extremely interesting.

The extensive use of pharmaceutical agents such as antibiotics inevitably creates resistance. These can be countered on the one hand by the increasing use of those or by finding new materials or active ingredients.
Our wound dressing should have demonstrable effects, especially against MRSA contamination.

Wound healing based on the ultra-modern, lipid-containing, antibacterial nanoparticles (Maresome®) combined with a collagen dressing that promotes wound healing represents a completely new approach to wound healing.

We are therefore very pleased to have successfully completed this project together with our partners.

An inhibition test can serve as a final proof of effectiveness.
Here, a petri dish is inoculated with MRSA germs and some collagen fleeces made by us with Maresomes are distributed on this. So it can be seen that the dressing prevents the colonization of MRSA germs. There are no MRSA germs around the fleece.



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